Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Essential Secrets about Mortgage Protection Policy


Have you ever received one of those letters promoting mortgage protection policy? You know the ones that look like they come from the bank, but you are just not sure what they are all about. The problem is these letters or offers often leave you with a lot of unreciprocated questions. Who sent this letter and how did they get my information? Are ... Read More »

Dos and Don’ts for Mortgage Protection


For many, particularly those hit by ill health or redundancy during the recession, mortgage protection has been a blessing which prevented them from losing their mortgaged houses. For others, the mortgage protection policy is merely an extra monthly cost which, while providing a certain amount of peace of mind, does not really work out as a worthwhile option for the ... Read More »

Mortgage Protection Policy

mortgage protect insurance

Mortgage Protection Policy The world unstable economy situation has given rise to many issues. One of such problems is the risk of losing the home one has. Natural disasters and unemployment are other factors that have put man in dilemma as what if he loses what he owns. Here comes into action the mortgage protection insurance and plays its role. ... Read More »