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Nature and Scope of Loan Protection Insurance

Nature and Scope of Loan Protection Insurance

There are several factors that make you worthy or worthless in society one of most important among them is your credit history. If you have a strong credit history then you are being considered worthy and reliable in the financial market and if you have a low or poor credit history it struck your worth and makes you worthless in market and you will be considered valueless in your financial transaction. So, in order to maintain your creditability in the market it is necessary to make your payments especially loan installment’s payment safe and secure as much as possible.


Everything in the life has a changing behavior. Your health, your financial conditions, and environmental factors even that everything changes from time to time. This fluctuations or variations also effects your transactions or routine dealings too, like as loss of material may fail you to make on time delivery, your illness may stop you from working, your death, sickness or loss of job or source of income can leave you struggling to make your loan repayments. While you are in such situation you have to need some precautions which can secure your creditworthiness.

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In order to develop your credit values insurance is the best solution that provides you security form several types of risks. As regards the insurance is the equitable transfer of risk of loss from one entity to other in exchange of payment usually called premium. The entity which transfer the risk of loss is called insured and to whom the risk is being transferred is called insurer. It covers near about all types of risks (risk of loss in business, thefts, death, illness, liabilities, accident, mortgage payment risk, loan payment risk) associated with your life as well as your property. Services of an insurance entity are usually called the insurance

While you acquire a loan from any individual or a financial institution, it is necessary to make proper payments on time consistently in order to secure your credit history and for the protection of your further dealing with that entity. Suppose you lose your business, your source of income or you illness stops you from further working then what about your loan installment payments? Obviously it will stop. Here a solution to protect your all loan payments or a part.


Loan Protection Insurance is specially designed to protect one’s loan repayment. It facilitates consumers the insured full or a part of loan repayments. In case of borrower’s death, illness or disability, loss of job, or any other circumstances that may prevent the borrower to payment of that loan, the insurance provider or entity will be liable to pay the amount due. This insurance product is also called credit insurance, credit protection insurance, or loan repayment insurance or payment protection insurance.

This insurance product helps the borrower to meet the monthly debt payments up to a specified amount. It covers the loan payment generally from 12 to 24 months depending on the policy purchased. It can be purchased for all type of consumer loans like as credit cards, car loan, personal loan etc. This policy is usually offered to all adults (18-65 year old) who are working. Usually this policy covers a finite period which has been mentioned above but in certain circumstances it may be long enough for an individual to start their working again and able to serve their debts by earning enough.